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If you already know us and want to sail aboard the Official Catamaran Sensation through the beautiful cliffs and coves of the South Costa Brava, you have already found us. Through this website you can buy your tikets for the official Catamaran Sensation in 24h </ strong>. The booking in the Catamaran Sensation is very simple:

1.- Send us an email indicating how many you are, the date and the time preference (TOMORROW, MIDDAY OR AFTERNOON).

2.-We will answer said email BEFORE 24h with the real disponiblidad, even we can preblock you some places.

3.-Once you know that we have seats in the Catamaran Sensation, we will send you another email with the reservation procedure. We ask for a deposit of € 11 / ticket (person).

4.- Once we have received payment and deposit, we will send you the shipping tickets by email, in pdf to print. YOU ALREADY HAVE THE CONFIRMED RESERVATION!

5.- The day of departure, you must pay the rest of the payment in our store, 200 meters from the beach where we will put the stamp to be able to embark.


Do not get involved with ticket reselling websites, which usually do not have the REAL availability of the Catamaran Sensation. Many of them sell tickets, but it may be the case (we have already lived) that they sell for a date or time we have full, and unfortunately those groups can not get on board and should speak with the “agency” or “web” who sold them to ask for the return of the money paid, although the bad pass will have already done it to you.

If you have any questions you can call us at the store, during business hours from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm. We will be encanbtados to assist you. We also have a 24h phone of the employer, where you can contact us for emergencies.

As you can see, booking tickets for the Catamaran Sensation in Lloret de Mar is not difficult, just follow the steps of booking. We centralize all the reserves of the Catamaran Sensation by email so that it is written and there are no misunderstandings. There is no email, there is no reservation. Phone calls and whatsap are dangerous in the middle of the season when we are 12 hours on the water. That’s why the email.

Email Reservations Catamaran Sensation Lloret:

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    • Hello! For a families are no problem. On sundays the catamaran costa brava are only for families! I send you the direct link for bookings online :

      You can book the catamaran costa brava online, this season of 2024 the price for adults bare 48€ and for children under 12 years old are 22€. The Catamaran tour at Costa Brava are 4 hours and includes everything: crew, bufet of barbacue, drinks, games, swimming… any question please contact us at info @

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