Catamaran Families and School’s Trip

If you are a family looking forward to a fantastic shared experience or you are a group of school children ( Primari or High School ... ) you can not lose one of our star catamaran trips.

We are sailing around the coastline of the Costa Brava , discovering magnific caves and beaches . Discover fauna and secret places of our beautiful coastline . 4h trip approx. Included: soft drinks and water , buffete food. Our cheerleaders are at your disposal to help you in whatever you need . Stop for a bath in a beautiful beach called Cala Futadera . Water toys .

Recommended for children over 10 years
Boarding areas to be specified

Beach Party for children (water sports school day)

If you are a School, Institute , association or federation , we recommend our package ” Beach Party”, suitable for Primary Schools, High Schools, …

Will embark on the 9.30 -10am in our Catamaran “Lady Joana ” on Fenals or Blanes beach from the sand and not get wet , you are accompanied by your teachers (ratio 1/15) . When we are all aboard the Catamaran North course we will , towards Cala Llevadó ( beautiful paradise cove between Cala Canyelles and Tossa de Mar) , browsing and watching the beautiful rugged coastline full of life and fauna.

The disembark is at Cala Llevadó , where we have at your disposal and disposal of other schools 3 motorboats that do: Banana, Flyfish , Games on the beach and speedboat ( fast boat back to the cave Antoni’s octopus ) . You will be able to perform the activities throughout the day and as often as you please . Only you will have to get in the “tail” of the activity that you want to do.

The cove is closed and particular, not having external people other than the company people or from other schools . You can not leave the cove.

The cove has a small “bar ” serving water, soda and buffete type food throughout the day. Included in price. You can repeat as many times as you please. It also has umbrellas for sun protection.

About 17h come back the Catamaran Lady Joana for pick us and take us back to south to Fenals or Blanes where we land.

Recommendation: Bring swimsuit , towel, shirt , suncream, flip flops and shoes and if you want a waterproof jacket.

Price per student: 45,00 € All Included. Teachers Free.